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tel.: 0888 861 257

You pay 2 - we clean 3

Promotion 2 = 3

You pay 2 - we clean 3 clothes, is combined only with the offer for ECO bag ROSSA

Furniture cleaning

All year laundry of sofas, mattress, chears, carpets and hardwood floorings and others.Promotional price - 3.00lv/square metre*

*Minimum order value - 40.00lv



Online order

Every customer of ROSSA Dry Cleaning, who makes his/her order will save 1.00lev from price of the order

All year carpet laundry

Price - 1.80lv/kilo. Minimum order 12.00 leva

Free dry cleaning

Free dry cleaning of a suit or coat when laundry of sofas/carpets worth 40.00lv.

Subscription cleaning of homes and offices

Subscribe to professional and quality cleaning of your home or office. Only for 18.60lv on a visiting for a room to 100 square meters


Every customer of ROSSA Dry Cleaning who uses ECO bag ROSSA will save 1.00lev from every other, regardless of the other promotions and discounts except orders from adress

- 10% for anyone who has name day

Every customer who has name day uses 10% off on his celebration day regardless of other promotions and discounts except from orders from address