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Dry cleaning

The essence of the process is the cleaning of textile and leather products in an organic solvent to remove impurities mainly fatty. The goal is to maintain a good appearance of the products at the maximum cleaning effect in the shortest time and at minimal using of solvent in accordance with the environmental requirements of our time.

Dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning sensitive to water treatment materials as silk, viscose, wool textiles, leather. Thus preventing shrinkage, felting and deformation of textile products. Natural deoiling of leather is prevented by the use of appropriate fatliquors during the dry cleaning.

ROSSA Dry Cleaning is equipped with modern machines of established manufacturers: BÖWE - Germany, TREVIL - Italy, GIRBAU - Spain, MAYTAG - USA and others. Preparations, means for removing stains and amplifiers used are of the leader in this field BÜFA - Germany. They are completely safe for fabrics.

The variety of materials entered in our household, accessories to clothes and fusible materials require a lot of experience and competence with which we can be helpful.

We have a full range of professional equipment for making steam iron - steam-ironing mannequins, tables and presses one to give complete and aesthetic appearance of the products after dry cleaning.

As an additional service, we offer steam ironing of clothes and household textiles laundered by clients.