No. 1 in Southwestern Bulgaria dry cleaning
tel.: 0888 861 257

Laundry services

Individual laundering

  • laundry for private individuals (washing clothes, linens, blankets, tufted) with daily promotions and free shipping to anywhere in the city;
  • laundry for corporate clients involved upon contract - preferential rates.







Hotels and restaurants

  • washing of bedding, curtains, tablecloths, festive decorations. ROSSA Dry Cleaning is the only company in the Southwestern Bulgaria, which offers its customers with restaurants in the cost of laundering tablecloths to be included preliminary chemical treatment, and the company gives a better quality of service and caring for textiles (tablecloth) extends the maximum time the exploitation.





Textile laundering and softening

  • Textile laundry and softening (tricot and clothing) for garment companies. Preferential servicing upon contract for express terms.









Hospital laundry

  • Medical and hospital laundry. Our company is the only one in Southwestern Bulgaria, which has a specialized studio - washing laundry for hospital medical meeting all legal requirements for common laundries performing this activity.